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You depend on your information technology to stay productive throughout the day. In today’s technology-dependent world, you simply can’t afford to be without exceptional IT services. Disruption and downtime cost you needless distractions and lost productivity. That’s why we provide exceptional, service-focused IT management – to enable your organization to grow and succeed.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services are designed to give you everything you need in terms of services and support – all at a flat-rate monthly fee.

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Industry Specific IT Solutions


    We Provide Expert Medical IT Services & Risk Analysis To Help You Comply.

    As a healthcare provider, your primary responsibility is to provide quality, confidential care to your patients. But in today’s technology-driven world, and with ever-increasing regulatory mandates, you need an efficient, reliable and secure IT system to do this. Zeus Technology Solutions can help. We understand the complexities of Healthcare IT and the importance of complying with HIPAA/HITECH regulations.

    To run your practice or organization, you and your staff must be able to securely store and retrieve patients’ PHI.  Network Heroes ensures you can do this and still ensure compliance with HIPAA/HITECH.  Our cloud computing solutions are more secure and stable then ever, with encryption capabilities and security settings that ensure PHI remains confidential at all times.

  • We specialize in customized IT service and support for law firms

    Whether your office handles 10 cases or a 100,000— information, communication and billing are all time-consuming tasks. We understand that law offices require varying levels of IT capability. So we provide a range of networked systems, from the most basic to the most advanced. At one end of the spectrum, we offer a simple network just for sharing purposes, and on the other end, a completely automated legal office where every instance of communication and information leaves an electronic fingerprint.

    We also offer practice management software packages that provide your firm a centralized IT solution to manage your legal cases — with no more guesswork, and little room for error. No more sifting through cumbersome case files to locate past pleadings or correspondence, no more jumping from computer to computer to find the most recent work on a case. Everything can be securely automated and monitored using a few simple but powerful tools.


    Providing Financial Services Firms IT Stability and Security

    In the world of financial services, risk taking is part of your DNA. But when it comes to safeguarding your firm’s and client’s vital data, you have zero tolerance for risk. System crashes, endless upgrades, compliance glitches—you’ve got no time for downtime or security breaches. That’s why CPA’s, real estate lenders, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity firms, and investment brokers and advisors rely on Zeus Technology Solutions to manage their critical IT infrastructure.

    Our financial services clients trust that ZTS IT specialists will keep their technology running and in compliance with ever-changing regulations. When ZTS takes IT off of your hands, investors can focus on investing. CPA’s can focus on helping their clients reach their financial goals. Fundraisers can focus on seeking capital. Lenders can focus on lending.

Cloud Solutions

Improved collaboration, comprehensive data security, and convenient mobility are all benefits that the cloud offers your business. We ensure you’re leveraging its full power to positively impact your bottom line.

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